Automotive Electronics

Automotive Headlamp Controllers

Automotive Headlamp Controllers automatically control the Vehicle headlights. It reduces the driver intervention and there by avoids accidents. These products are highly customizable as per customer requirements.

Auto Low Beam ON Controller
  • Auto Low Beam ON controller senses the environmental light and automatically controls the vehicle’s low beam light
  • When environmental light level is less than 1000 lux, Low Beam light is automatically turned ON
  • When environmental light level is greater than 5000 lux , Low Beam light is automatically turned OFF
  • Passed all environmental tests and EMI tests as per regulation ECE R10 Rev5 and obtained E-marking number for the product
  • This system is mandated in ECE member countries as per the regulation ECE R48 Revision 6 – Amendment 5
Auto Dipping System
  • Automatically switches OFF the high beam light when sensing the opposite vehicle's headlight
  • It avoids accidents due to High beam glare
  • This system is mandated in all mining vehicles in India as per the DGMS circular No. 5 dated 13/10/2010
Light Sensor Unit
  • Light sensor unit measure the ambient light in the range of milli Lux to 16000 lux and outputs the data via LIN interface
  • These Light Sensor Units can be integrated with existing Body Control ECUs or Lamp ECUs of vehicles

  • Variants available for 12V and 24V Power supply systems.
  • It can be integrated to vehicles both with and without Headlamp ECUs.
  • Configurable light level thresholds and sensor recalibration support.
  • Sensor Unit and Control Unit communicate through robust LIN digital interface.
  • Open load and Short circuit detections of low beam and high beam. So as to avoid the blackout situation.
  • Proprietary PC based Diagnostics tool.
  • Automotive grade components and Automotive Standard Compliant.
  • ECE R10 Rev 5 certified.
  • Usage of non electro mechanical switches improves Reliability and Durability.
Wiring Harness
  • Automotive wiring harness for trucks, cars and two wheelers
  • General wiring harness for industrial applications
  • Bus bar design and construction for high power applications

Automotive Test Systems

ECU Test Systems
  • Test system to test ECU software
  • Test system to test ECU hardware in development phase as well as in End of production line
  • Manual as well as Fully automatic computer aided test systems
  • Open loop, semi closed loop and fully closed Hardware in Loop test systems
Wiring Harness Test Systems
  • Continuity, HiPot and Component tests
  • Manual as well as fully Automatic computer aided test systems
  • Configurable to test different wiring harnesses up to 500 test points
Endurance Test Systems
  • Test systems for life test of Automotive Components like switches, connectors, etc.
  • PLC controlled servo or neumatic drive test systems
  • Robotic arm based test systems
  • Configurable test cycles, force and torque
  • Logging and plotting of test results

Elevator Electronics

Lift Annunciator

This system announces the floor numbers and other warning messages based on the digital code received. It plays pleasant music when the lift is travelling

  • Floor announcement in all regional languages
  • Variants with CAN / RS485 / Seven Segment interface
  • Separate volume controls for music and voice
  • 12V to 24VDC Operation
Access Control Systems

The system is designed to be used in Lifts to restrict usage by unauthorized persons. Users are authorized either by RF Id or Fingerprint. The System allows the users to operate the lift only to their designated Floors. Users authorized for one floor cannot operate the lift to other floors. It has Three variants. Customization can be done as per requirements

  • Biometric & RF-ID Access Control System
    The System allows only the authorized users to operate or call the lift . User authorization is done using Finger prints or RF-ID cards
  • Biometric & RF-ID Access Control System - Unique Floor
    The System allows the users to operate the lift only to their designated Floors. Users authorized for one floor cannot operate the lift to other floors
  • RF-ID Access Control System
    The System allows only the authorized users to operate or call the lift . User authorization is done using RF-ID cards
Tablet based COP and LOPs
  • Compact COP and LOP
  • Master classy look and easy installation
  • Access control and Emergency call functions can be integrated without additional Hardware
  • Inbuilt Camera for Security Monitoring
  • Automation made easy
Wall mount LOP and COP with Touch buttons
  • Thin, sleek and stylish wall mount LOP and COP with touch buttons
  • Dot-matrix, Seven segment and LCD displays
  • Serial / Seven Segment Communication
  • Works on 12 and 24 VDC
Lift touch-free operation
  • Remote control of lift using mobile phone
  • Support for Landing Operating Panel and Car Operating Panel
  • Touch-free operation for COVID-19 prevention
  • Requires no Internet, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no Calling
  • Patent Applied

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IoT Solutions

Automated Vehicle Parking System

Vehicle Parking Management System automatically detects the availability of each car parking lot in a facility and updates the car parking availability to cloud. Using mobile phones, a person can know the car parking availability in real time from anywhere. Displays and Indicators kept in the parking facility indicates the parking lot availability locally. This system makes the car parking management easier and efficient.

  • Sensor unit placed in each car parking lot detects the occupancy of the lot
  • Red and Green Light pair in the car parking lot indicates the occupancy of the lot locally
  • All the Sensor Units communicates the parking status to a Central Gateway Unit
  • Gateway Unit collates all the parking status info from individual Sensor units and displays the car parking availability in a bigger display kept at the entrance of Parking area
  • Central Gateway Unit updates the car parking availability to cloud
Visitor Counter Systems
  • The Store Visitor Counter counts the number of persons visiting a store. It updates the count to Cloud
  • This is a modern tool to find the effectiveness of Advertisements and Marketing campaign
  • Effectiveness of sales conversion in the store can be found
Remote Diagnostics & Control of Lift
  • Let the lift wait for you when you enter your office/house
  • Get the Lift diagnostics information in your mobile phone
  • Control the elevator from your mobile phone

Consumer Electronics

Customized Chanting Box

Chanting boxes for Devotional missionaries

  • Audio chanting of any length
  • AC or DC powered
  • Customised Enclosure design
Public Addressing & Announcement Systems

Public addressing systems customized for hospitals and user requirements

Audio Greeting Cards

Cards that greets or invites people in your voice or with customized audio message

  • Audio messages of any length
  • Light sensor or Slider switch trigger type
  • Re recordable or one time programmable options
Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

Mosquito repellant vaporizer with rechargeable Li-Ion battery. With power, the machine drives the mosquitoes away as well as recharges the battery. When the power is out, the machine continue to function with the battery power

  • Compatible with all repellant liquid bottles
  • Hi Capacity Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for extended hour protection
  • CC-CV charging technology for extended battery life
  • Uniform protection during fluctuation
  • Power saving product
  • Patented technology
  • Universal power(110V – 230V)