Data Analytics And Campaigning Services

Rennova Solutions offers the following campaigning services

  • Collecting data from smart wearables for Walking and Running activities from various age group of people
  • Collecting data from smart wearables for Swimming Campaign with various age group of people. Also covered the depth of 10m to 25m
  • Video Tagging for Campaigining Activities ie.,Walking, Running, Swimming, Road signs, Pedestrian types, Object details in Road etc.
  • Collecting Foot fall data for major chain of oulets and stores with the use of smart IoT devices
  • Collecting occupancy status data for Lodges
  • Collecting Food consumption data for Hotels,Canteens etc.

Campaigining Project Lifecycle

  • Gathering Campaigning Project Requirements
  • Analysis of Reources needed for project, ie., People, Equipments, Infrastructure etc.
  • Demand of Special skills ie., Athletic, swimming capabilities, 4 wheeler Driving
  • Establish contract and signoff with Suppliers
Data Collection
  • Establishing Test Setup Workflow ie., Tester info., Settings of Devices like camera, sensor devices etc.
  • Establishing Measurement Workflow ie., Wearing the device, Start Video recording at right time etc.
  • Executing data collection as per defined workflow process
Data Validation
  • Establishing Post Measurement Work flow process
  • Video Labelling
  • Data Verification
  • Delivering Collected Data to Cloud Server
  • Retrospective Meeting
  • Post Delivery Support for additional Data requirement

Why Us?

Rennova has deep understanding of Data collection Services for various industries like

  • Automotive Domain
  • Wearables segment
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing Domain
  • Food Industry

Rennova has

  • a pool of team with the right set of required skills
  • a very good vendor network to provide the infrastructure required for the project
  • expertise in data collection that ensures the quality of data and on time delivery of the project
  • high cost benefit

Our Customers