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3.3 KW AC Charging Station

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3.3 KW AC Charging Station

Our 3.3 kW AC charging station refers to an electric vehicle charging station that operates at a power output of 3.3 kilowatts (kW). This type of charging station is commonly known as Level 2 charging and uses a 240-volt alternating current (AC) power supply. Here are some key features and considerations regarding a 3.3 kW AC charging station:

Power Output: Our 3.3 kW charging station delivers electrical power to an electric vehicle at a rate of 3.3 kilowatts. The charging rate provided by Level 2 stations can add around 10-60 miles of range per hour, depending on the vehicle and its charging capabilities.

Installation: To install our 3.3 kW AC charging station, a 240-volt electrical circuit is required. This installation typically involves hiring a professional electrician to ensure proper wiring, electrical safety, and compliance with local regulations. We provide installation service as well.

Charging Time: The charging time for an electric vehicle using a 3.3 kW AC charging station will vary depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle and the starting state of charge. As an estimate, a 3.3 kW charging station can fully charge an electric vehicle with a typical battery size (e.g., 40 kWh) in approximately 8-12 hours.

Compatibility: Most electric vehicles are compatible with our 3.3KW AC charging stations.

It’s worth noting that 3.3 kW charging stations offer a moderate charging rate suitable for residential use and commercial applications.

Product Code:

RENAC33_1P (Type 1 AC Charging Station)

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