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Elevator Floor Annunciator

An elevator floor audio annunciator, also known as a voice announcement system, is a feature commonly found in elevators that provides auditory cues to indicate the current floor. It is designed to assist passengers, especially those with visual impairments, in identifying the floor they are on and navigating within a building. It also has pleasant Background music during lift in operation.

When the elevator arrives at a floor, the audio annunciator automatically announces the floor number or name. It uses pre-recorded Human voice as  announcements. The audio is typically played through speakers installed within the elevator cabin.

The elevator floor audio annunciator may also provide additional information such as the direction of travel (up or down) and any special announcements or warnings. For example, it can inform passengers about emergency situations, warnings like “Please Close the Door”, “The lift is overloaded”, etc., Special Message announcements like Power Failure, ARD activation, Lift Overload, etc,.

By providing audible cues, the audio annunciator enhances accessibility and ensures that passengers have the necessary information to navigate safely and confidently within the elevator. It helps create a more inclusive Background music and improves the overall user experience for all individuals using the elevator, regardless of their visual abilities

The announcements can be customized as per customer requirements. Customers also can change the message announcements and music as per their needs.


Export Variant

The export variant can be provided with country-specific audio languages and customizable music

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